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Government Legislation to Assist Contractors

Dictionary Definition of Legislation

Looking for some help? Here’s a basic guide to Government Legislation specifically enforced to assist contractors…


Subcontractors should be aware of the Housing, Grant’s, Construction and Regeneration Act (commonly known as the Construction Act).
The Construction Act calls for all construction contracts to have key clauses such as a means to adjudicate disputes, an adequate payment mechanism which identifies when a party will be paid and how, a means to suspend work for non payment and a prior notice of intention to withhold/ set-off payment. All Construction Contracts must comply with the Construction Act, if they do not then generally the “Scheme for Construction Contracts”(Scotland) Regulations 1998” 1 comes into effect.

The Construction Act is the most defining piece of legislation the construction industry has ever been presented with. However few subcontractors know the worth of the construction act. The construction act can help subcontractors with non-payment, late payment, under payment, late issuing of payment certificates, suspension of work and a means to settling disputes. All of which are valuable tools in the subcontractors armoury.

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