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Our Values

HDC valuesWhat do we stand for? What are we about? Good values are at the core of the service we provide at QS Advisor.


Integrity is the binding value that directs all actions in our business. Our business will be conducted with honesty and respect and our values will guide our decisions and actions.


Providing our customers with the service they need is the purpose of our work. Consistent reliable delivery is the key to our success, and our relationship with our customers. Our service performance will be driven by our customers’ needs, and must continually ask what those needs are.


We will embrace every task that we do with a passion that will make others strive to emulate our performance. We should have enjoyment in our work and always be proud of our achievements. We must celebrate our success so that others can see and share in it.


We will at all times act in a responsible, professional manner, and take ownership of our decisions and actions. We will treat our customers, supply chain and all who interface with QS Advisor with respect and develop relationships based on openness and trust.


Communication is an essential part of achieving your goals. The QS Advisor team are always happy to discuss your ideas, explain everything to your satisfaction and will work with you to help achieve your desired outcome.

Added Value

No matter what the project is QS Advisor will work to find economic alternatives in both the design and development processes.

Planning for Success

QS Advisor starts the pre-planning process as soon as your project is signed up. This allows challenges to be anticipated, construction accurately sequenced and ultimately cost overruns avoided which helps us achieve the next step…

Your Satisfaction

QS Advisor prides itself on delivering complex projects within time and budget. It’s why so many QS Advisor clients recommend us, and come back to us again and again.

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