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How Important is a Pre-Start Meeting?


The Importance of a Pre-Start Meeting

I have discussed in previous blogs the importance of mitigating risk. Mitigating risk will reward businesses with either an increase in margins, or worst case scenario more accuracy with their costs. One of the main financial fluctuations that a Contractor can experience in a contract is that from their Supply Chain.

In order to set out clear parameters between yourself and the supply chain, you must have a tight Sub-Contract. Part of this subcontract should be a document included as some type of Pre-Start Meeting Minutes.

These minutes should include discussions around the following topics:

  • Subcontractor name details (i.e. contacts for said contract)
  • Level of insurances that the subcontractor requires to have
  • Is there a design portion and do they have the capabilities to meet this requirement
  • Contract value, including discount to contractor
  • Type of contract, including if measurement or lump sum
  • Programme, to include lead-in of materials/plant
  • The resources required for the project
  • Health & safety requirements (especially rules and RAMS)
  • Quality requirements
  • Scope of works & specification requirements, including appropriate attendances
  • Any subs’ subs

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