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Case Study: Advanced Building Contractor Ltd

Advanced Building Contractors Ltd has more than a decade of practical experience as commercial building contractors and offers expertise, from concept to completion, in:

advanced building contractors

  • Retail, office and industrial fit-outs

  • Insurance re-instatement works

  • Commercial new-build

  • Commercial development & refurbishment projects.”

The Role

This role included looking at the whole project process, from tendering through to final account. The best way for QS Advisor to tackle this was to start from scratch and produce a best practise note and to identify the key documents during the phases of: Pre-contract, Contract & Post Contract.

The main purpose of these documents is to enable ABC move forward with the clear concept of mitigating as much risk down line from the ultimate client to the supply chain as possible. This suite of documents included:

  • Procurement strategy: procurement analysis & schedules

  • Terms & Conditions to supply chain

  • Subcontract Order templates

  • Change management procedures (both up line (client) & down line (supply chain)

“QS Advisor provide a QS service and advise us when required. I have known the owner, Grant Tod for seven years and found him to be very professional in all aspects of his business.”

Eddie Heron, Operations Director, Advanced Building Contractors Limited

The Tools Provided:

As with all businesses, “Cash Is King!” and therefore having a positive cash flow during the currency of a project is vital.

In helping to make this a focal point/main objective, we helped to introduce tools for:

  • Accurate cost/value forecasting

  • Internal reviews/meetings for both operational & commercial requirements

  • Valuation/variation/final account forecasting procedure with client

  • Subcontractor payments, payment/payless notices

The other main factor of these documents is create an atmosphere of teamwork. These documents are set-up in a way to get key leads taking full accountability of their actions. This means that the commercial & operational leads of each individual project need to work together to make sure that projects are completed safely, on time, within budget & to a high degree of quality.

In turn this potentially leads (or at least a better opportunity) to:

  • Increased margin

  • Building key relationships with clients & supply chain

  • Effective & efficient team working

  • Repeat business

  • Partnering with key supply chain


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