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The Importance of Qualification in Relation to Tenders and Quotations

The Importance of Qualification in Relation to Tenders and Quotations

Qualification of Tenders and Quotations is a Must!

In my experience, whether as the contractor or the client, the production of a qualification sheet to go with tenders and quotations is a must from a commercial perspective.

Historically, a qualification sheet submitted with a cost for a project has either been seen as making the offer unattractive or less competitive, as the client (issuing an acceptance) has seen a clean price – one with no qualifications – as the best way forward. However, this is not always the case.

I think that it is important to define what is meant by a qualification sheet. This usually forms part of the quotation/tender offer letter, where the contractor sets out for the client:

  • Their inclusions & exclusions

  • If they require more information to price a certain item (normally a provisional sum would be allowed)

  • Conditions of work (normal/out of hours or a mixture of both)

  • Their assumptions on a certain part of work

  • How they may perform the work (e.g. type of access to be used)

In my opinion, a set of qualifications sets out the following:

  • The contractor has thought about how the scope of works will be performed.

  • You will know exactly what has been included/excluded in their price

  • It gives the client a chance to think of things that they never thought of, which in turn are questions that can be asked of other tenders.

  • It gives the client a better opportunity to level all prices before choosing which contractor to go with.

Remember: the cheapest price is not always the best route to go down. That cheapest price could cost you more money in the long run.

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